A very experimental short comix strip/sequential narrative piece illustrating a scene from The Handmaid's Tale, in which one of the Handmaids encounters a girl she used to know while doing her daily shopping, who is now pregnant.

Without reading the book this is a slightly difficult scene to explain, and I’m not sure I’ve conveyed all the meanings and reactions attributed to this event; the purpose of Handmaids within this patriarchal theocratic dystopia is to procreate in place of the wives of the rich commanders, and when a Handmaid becomes pregnant, she saves herself from being sent out of relatively safe part of society and into “colonies,” slave labour camps being used to salvage things from the wasteland that large parts of what used to be America has become. Also, once a Handmaid is pregnant, she no longer has to go about her daily duties; doing the daily shopping is no longer a required task, and so by doing so anyway her actions are seen as using the opportunity to show off her pregnancy, and her salvation.

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