Here’s the completed pages of my illustrated book project, titled The Knitting. This is a dummy book, which means that it’s a deliberately unfinished copy, such as you might take to a publisher to try and get picked up (without doing all the work only to be rejected, thus saving time and materials.) Three out of nine double page spreads will be full colour, and the other six will remain rough and sketchy.

Please view each page as a double page spread; generally they’re read down the left and then down the right, with a few exceptions - where, hopefully, your eye will follow the natural read of the page anyway!

Inside the front cover there will be a short introduction, as follows:

In mythologies across the ancient world, three women appear with the power to weave life, death and time itself. The ancient Greeks named them the Moirai, the Romans called them Parcae, while in Slavic mythology the are the Sudice. We’ll simply name them the Fates.

You may never have heard of them; after all, times change, and people make new stories, new gods. But that does not mean that the old stories simply fade away…